Here at Isole Linen, we cherish every little moment which fills our life with joy!

Our story began with the indescribable charm and love for our country’s jewel – linen. Flax is one of the oldest continuously cultivated cultures in Lithuania. The traditions of linen growing and processing in Lithuania have been going on for several thousand years. Inspired by this pure one of the most sustainable fabrics known to man the concept of creating Isole Linen came to me naturally.

Local linen designers prefer to showcase the purity of the fabric with simple styles and minimal embellishment. I find it rather boring 😊 I believe that minimalism is boring because it’s the least offensive choice when making design decisions. Your own creative taste needs to be unlocked! I always dreamed about making bright, colorful garments so, my goal is to share my creativity and boost yours to design numerous amazing handmade crafts.

Driven by an unquenchable desire to preserve nature, we contribute to the idea of sustainability and believe that everyone can be a part of it! We are all familiar with the fast fashion industry and the stories behind all the preppy clothes. I strongly believe that together we can change a great deal. We are ready to create sustainable, handmade items of your willing design, color, and print, the combination of a unique design with time-tested quality.